1. Please carefully read the terms and conditions of the Partner Program before accepting them..

    2. By joining the SOL Casino Partner Program you agree to all of its terms and conditions without any changes. If you do not agree with them, you cannot join the SOL Casino Partner Program. For all questions, including those regarding the terms and conditions of the Partner Program, you can contact [email protected].

    1. The terms 'Group of Companies', 'Company', 'we', 'our / ours' mean Best Entertainment Technologies LTD N.V., E-Commerce Park Vredenberg / Wilhelminalaan 13, Willemstad, Curacao (hereinafter Casino / Company). The Company provides marketing services to brands that are under its management. The terms 'Partner', 'You', 'Your / Yours' mean the name or the denomination of the Partner who agreed to advertise the Company's brands in exchange for a fee and / or commission for attracting new players to the Company. The Company and the Partner sign the SOL Casino Partner Program Agreement in order to fix the range of obligations of the parties in relation to each other.

    2. 'Partner Account' and 'Player Account' are unique personal accounts created for a player or for a Partner after registration. They exist independently of each other. The account information for these accounts is valid only on the websites where they were registered.

    3. 'Partner Office' is a website page with a password that is available to the Partner after registration. In the Partner Office, you can track the statistics and progress of advertising campaigns, edit the profile, add and manage affiliate links, and store Promo materials.

    4. 'Fee' means any income earned by partners for attracting new players. When determining the size of the Fee, commissions, deductions and fixed rates are taken into account.

    5. 'Agreement' includes: terms and conditions of the Partner Program; list of obligations of the Company and the Partner in relation to each other; description of suitable marketing strategies and types of promotion materials that can be applied in a particular case. Participation in the Partner Program automatically means acceptance of the fact that the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement are subject to change without prior notice to the Partner. The new version of the Agreement comes into force after its publication on the official websites of the Company and on the website for Partners. The Company may, but is not obligated, notify the Partner of changes to the Agreement, therefore, the Partner should regularly check the Company's websites and the website for Partners for changes.

    6. 'Promo Materials' mean any advertising materials approved by the Company and used to promote it. Such materials include (but are not limited to): banners, newsletters, copyrighted articles, images, photographs, drawings, e-mail messages, web pages, video clips, software, flash movies, podcasts, video podcasts and microsites.

    7. 'Fraudulent activities' mean any malicious activity using illegal methods undertaken against the Company. The Company has the right to unilaterally qualify any activity as fraudulent, even if the Company did not suffer any damage as a result of this activity. Fraud activities include transactions involving the use of stolen debit / credit cards, conspiracies of any kind, the unlawful use of bonuses or promotions, the creation of fake accounts in order to receive commissions, the unauthorized use of any accounts of third parties, the violation of the Company's copyright to any intellectual property, and also other actions at the discretion of the Company.

    8. 'Group' means both the Company itself and any other companies related to it.

    9. 'Bets Amount' means the turnover used by the Company to calculate the activity of Players with respect to a product; the total amount of money put by each Player on the website for a certain period.

    10. 'Intellectual Property Rights' apply to existing and future patents, trademarks and service marks. This term also means the following rights: to development, to external design and corporate identity, to commercial designations (including domain names), to registered industrial design and copyright (including the right to software), to databases, to topology, to know-how, to trade secrets, to confidentiality protection, as well as the right to claim priority of such rights and all equal or similar rights or remedies that exist or will exist in any part of the world. Under the Agreement, it does not matter whether or not a specific intellectual property is registered. In any case, it is considered the subject of copyright of the Company.

    11. 'Symbols' include any brand, trademark, logo, corporate symbol, domain name or commercial name related to the Company. Elements of the Symbols are subject to copyright of the Company. They can be used directly by the Company or any other company within the Group.

    12. 'Net Income' is the difference between the total cash received by SOL Casino from customers and the following costs: cash paid to customers as winnings; bonuses and / or loyalty bonuses; commissions for financial transactions; costs due to fraud; chargebacks, returned bids; taxes and fees; contributions to the progressive jackpot; any payments to third parties for the provision of games and gaming software.

    13. 'Promo code' is an alphanumeric code allocated to a partner to provide to potential players.

    14. 'Attracted Client' is a player who meets a number of criteria in order to be considered an attracted Partner. These criteria include (but are not limited to) the following:

      • Amount of first deposit (depending on the channel)
      • Total amount of deposits (depending on the channel)
      • Total amount of bets (depending on the channel)
      • Mimimal amount of bet (depending on the product and the channel)
      • Turnover amount (depending on the product and the channel)
      • Profit amount (only relating to poker)
    15. 'Website (s)' means any websites and Internet platforms that are used, operated and controlled by the Company (or on its behalf) during certain periods of time.

    16. 'Services' are all services provided to players on the Websites.

    17. 'Spam' is the general name of any unsolicited e-mail messages sent by the Partner.

    18. 'Validity Period' is the period of time from the date the Partner accepts the terms of the Agreement (by filling out and confirming the registration form) until the Agreement expires or terminates.

    19. 'Level' determines the qualification of the Partner based on the number of players involved who made the first deposit.

    20. 'Partner Link' means the ID-code and the channel (RSS) provided by the Company in the Partner Office. The Partner can use them to provide players with access to the Company Services from their website (or by other electronic means), or use other advertising materials, for example, Promo codes. When the attracted player logs into his account or enters a Promo code, the Company system automatically recognizes the Partner link and fixes the fact of attracting this player by the Partner.

    21. Any reference to 'Persons' includes individuals, firms, partnerships, companies, corporations, associations, organizations, governments, states, governmental or state bodies, foundations and trusts, regardless of whether they have independent legal personality or not. The jurisdiction in which (or under the laws of which) they were registered or exist does not matter.

    22. The Agreement is in Russian. When translating it into another language, priority will be given to the text in Russian.

    23. Any reference to a legislative norm, a precept of a law, a regulatory document, a subordinate regulatory act, a code or a directive ("Legislation") means the latest version of a specific regulatory resolution within the framework of the current legislation.

    1. To participate in the Company's Partner Program, you need to fill out a registration partner form and register as a Partner.

    2. You acknowledge that all information provided by you when filling out the registration partner form is accurate, truthful and complete in all respects. You agree to provide us with any other information upon our request. You agree and confirm that in case of indicating inaccurate, incomplete or inadequate information, payment of commissions may be delayed and / or withheld.

    3. You guarantee that the legislation of your country does not prohibit you from participating in the Partner Program of the Company and fulfilling your obligations under the Agreement.

    4. The Company reserves the right to request additional documents proving your identity to verify your application for payment. In case of any changes in the registration data indicated by you, you should immediately notify us of this. The Company can use any available means to verify your data..

    5. The Company reserves the right to reject your application without indicating a reason and without notice..

    6. The staff of the Company or its related corporations, partner organizations, agents, intermediaries, representatives and suppliers (including their relatives) is not entitled to participate in the Company's Partner Program.

    7. Websites that advertise gambling to individuals residing in the United States of America cannot participate in the Partner Program.

    1. The right to direct players to Websites in accordance with the Partner Program Agreement is not exclusive and may not be assigned to a third party.

    2. You guarantee that all players who came to the website via your link can use the services of the website in accordance with the law of the countries of which they are citizens.

    3. Users sent to us from Partners are considered players of the Company. The Partner waives all ownership of the data of these players after the transfer of these data to the Company. The Partner undertakes subsequently not to contact these players and not to influence them in any way in their personal interests. Before these players pass the test according to the criteria of attracted customers, they will have an intermediate status of Company Players.

    4. You agree to be solely responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of your website, as well as for all content on your website that is your intellectual property. This content should not contain any material that may be deemed libelous, discriminatory, defamatory, abusive or illegal in accordance with the laws of your country. The Сompany is not responsible for any materials published on your website. You guarantee compensation for all losses incurred by the Company in the event of any claims, damage and expenses (including legal support costs) arising directly or indirectly from the development, operation, maintenance and contents of your website.

    5. The Partner Program of the Company involves exclusively your direct participation. It is strictly forbidden to open Partner Accounts from third parties, to mediate in relation to Partner Accounts of third parties, or to transfer Partner Accounts to third parties. If you wish to transfer the Partner Account to another beneficial account, you should submit a written application and obtain permission from the Company.

    6. Permission is issued at the sole discretion of the Company..

    1. You agree to use any Promo Materials exclusively in the form in which they were provided to you by the Company. You cannot refer to us in any advertising materials other than those provided or pre-approved by us.

    2. For the duration of the Partner Program Agreement, you will receive a license that governs your use of Symbols and Promotion Materials. This gives you the right to post them exclusively on your website. The license cannot be sublicensed or transferred to use by third parties on any basis.

    3. The Company's ownership of the Symbols and Promotion materials cannot be challenged. You agree to use the Symbols and Promotion Materials exclusively for the benefit of the Company and ensure that their use does not harm the Company in any way. You should immediately notify us of the unlawful use of the Symbols and Promotion Materials by any third party.

    4. You are not entitled to register any domain names, trademarks or names with elements of Symbols and Promotion Materials owned by the Company. The degree of similarity is not allowed in which a third party may mistakenly accept third-party domain names, trademarks or names for those that belong to the Company.

    5. You cannot purchase or register keywords, search elements or other identifiers for use in any information retrieval system if they are identical or similar to any Symbols and their variations.

    6. All your marketing activities should remain within the framework of your country's laws. Also, your activity should comply with the terms of the Partner Program Agreement. You have no right:

      • to post Symbols and / or Promotion Materials on any website if its content is prohibited in accordance with the legislation of your country, or inappropriate at the discretion of the Company;
      • To try in any way to attract persons under the age of 18 (or the age of majority in the relevant jurisdictions) to the Websites and Services of the Company.
    1. You undertake not to cause any damage to our reputation, not to put us in an unfavorable light in front of any person, and not to take any actions that may result in the Company's reputation losses. For example, you cannot:

      1. Copy the design style of the Company’s Websites in whole or in part, as well as create websites with a similar style. It is forbidden to advertise such websites or to claim that they have any relation to the Company;

      2. Use for personal purposes the information provided to the Company by another person, including: intercepting, changing or redirecting it to third parties;

      3. Intervene in any way in the course of the operation of the Company's Websites. Any actions that may interfere with the operation of the Websites in the normal mode are prohibited, including:

        • hack the Websites
        • redirect or intercept traffic on the Websites
        • implement spyware and any malicious software
        • modify any pages of the Websites
        • influence their accessibility to users.
      4. Using software installed by the user to interfere with the regular operation of sites, for example, to redirect or intercept traffic on the Company's Websites or other websites participating in the Partner Program;

      5. Informing the end user of any information on the ownership of the Company’s Websites, the details of the operation of the Websites, the mechanisms for operating the Websites and the details of the provision of the Services on the Websites.

      6. Informing the end user about the relationship between the Company and the Partner, as well as the Company and any third party. It is forbidden to provide any details of this relationship..

      7. Contacting the Company's customers who use the Company Services in any way, including by e-mail, Internet chat, spamming. If you want to contact any client of the Company, you should inform the Company about this and request its consent;

      8. Provoking any actions of the end user that do not meet the objectives of the Partner Program of the Company and may harm it in any way. These are actions such as abuse of bonuses by the user, writing negative reviews about the Company, committing any fraudulent activity.

      9. If it is determined that the Partner has ignored the prohibitions specified in clauses 6.1.1. - 6.1.9., then we have the right to retain its profit, as well as immediately terminate the Agreement by sending a corresponding notice. Evaluation of the Partner’s actions for loyalty belongs to the exclusive competence of the Company, as well as the choice of a method for obtaining information about the activities of the Partner in the framework of the Partner Program.

      10. The Company does not advertise its Partners, unless otherwise specified in an additional agreement between the parties.

      11. Partners are responsible for all costs associated with their advertising and marketing activities in the framework of the Partner Program. In order to avoid possible disagreements and misunderstandings, the Company disclaims responsibility for any costs not agreed with it.

      12. If it is established that you are advertising the Company’s Services in a different way than agreed or permitted by the Agreement, the Company has the right to immediately terminate the Agreement without giving any reason. If you are found to be spamming or it is determined that your activities under the Partner Program are in any way harmful to the Company and its reputation, the Agreement will also be terminated.

      13. Bonuses can be offered by the Partner only on behalf of the Company and only on the basis of its prior permission. Offering bonuses and promotions to players, you should use only the Company's Promotion Materials. For Promotions (bonuses and promotions) you can use only the style and order of words prescribed by the Company. If there are discrepancies between your description of Promotional offers and the text prescribed by the Company, the Company has the right to receive compensation for losses incurred by us as a result of your failure to fulfill the above requirements. The Company has the right to indemnify by compensating at the expense of any commission due to you, or otherwise.

    1. The Company under no circumstances provides partners with a loan.

    2. After joining the Partner Program, a partner commission equal to 45% of net income will be sent to your wallet. This interest rate is the base and may be reduced or increased depending on the following key indicators:

      • 0 new depositors per month: 35% of Net Income
      • 1-10 new depositors per month: 45%
      • 11-50 new depositors per month: 50%
      • 51-100 new depositors per month: 55%
      • 100+ new depositors per month: individual terms.
    3. A prerequisite for the payment of a partner commission is the presence of at least 5 new players brought by the Partner for the entire period of cooperation. If the number of players is less than 5, payments are not made, and the amount to be paid is frozen until 5 new players are attracted.

    4. You do not have the right to receive a different form of remuneration in addition to partner earnings (Fees). You cannot withdraw amounts for or on behalf of third parties.

    5. The Company reserves the right to change the structure of fee payments at its discretion..

    6. Commissions are paid to the Partner Wallet that you inform the Company employee after registration. The Company reserves the right to choose the currency of commission payment at its discretion, as well as the payment instrument. If possible, the Company will use the payment instrument that is most convenient for the Partner.

    7. In the event that any actions are identified that are fraudulent, or in any way violate the terms of this Agreement, the Company has the right at its sole discretion:

      • to pay the Fee in full
      • to recalculate it
      • to postpone the payment of the Fee for the duration of the investigation and confirmation of the relevant transactions
      • to refuse to pay the Fee.
    8. If you do not agree with the calculation of the fees paid, you should immediately notify us in writing. Do not request or confirm payments with the amount of which you do not agree. By accepting any payment from the Company, you hereby fully agree with its amount. Each payment you accept from the Company is considered complete and final. However, if an error was made in your favor when calculating the fee, we reserve the right to demand from you reimbursement to the Company of the amount overpaid in your favor.

    9. You agree to abide by all laws and regulations regarding bona fide transactions carried out in the process of using the Website Services of the Company. The terms and conditions published on the Websites contain information about fraudulent activities, including money laundering attempts.

    10. All Partners are responsible for paying any taxes on their Fee in accordance with the laws of their country.

    11. A negative balance of up to 300 $ (or the equivalent amount in another currency) within one reporting period is offset by an online casino. The balance of more than 300 $ shall be carried over to the next reporting period of the Partner’s work with the possibility of restructuring it individually.

    12. Before making the first payment of the Fee, we can request one or more documents to confirm your identity. If you do not provide us with the necessary documents within 180 days, the funds in your Partner Account will become inactive. After that, you will have another 90 days to provide us with the necessary documents. You will receive a notification about the need to send them. If you do not send these documents before the deadline, then all funds remaining in the Partner Account will be canceled and it will be closed.

    1. For accurate and objective calculation of the Fee, the Company monitors the activities of the Partners and compiles reports on it. Only the Company determines the form and content of reports, therefore, their design may change periodically.

    1. The Partner Program Agreement comes into force at the moment of your consent with all its conditions and is valid until the expiration date. This period shall be negotiated by the parties in each case.

    2. You can terminate the Agreement at any time without giving a reason by sending us a written notice at [email protected]. Indicate 'Termination' as the letter subject.

    3. The Company may terminate the Agreement without giving a reason at any time by sending you a written notice to the email address you specified when registering as a Partner.

    4. Termination of the Agreement automatically terminates your participation in the Partner Program of the Company and terminates all your privileges and licenses granted as its member. This means that you should:

      • return all Confidential information to the Company
      • stop using any Promotion Materials and Company Symbols
      • remove from all your media and systems all the information that you had access to and / or that you used as part of the Partner Program.